Are You Busy being Busy? Take the TIME TEST and find out

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Karel Glazer - Goal SettingHere are some tips to enjoying being busy and not to be busy being busy using the TIME TEST with amazing results. Because when we achieve what we set out to do, we feel amazing.

Take the TIME TEST. The TIME TEST gives you great perspective on what you are really doing each day. It’s simple and powerful.

LifeMasters TIME TEST for the Busy Being Busy

Set goals and begin each day with one small step towards your goal. Small steps. Let’s say that you wanted to get out and take a run early in the morning and one of your children wakes up early. Take one small step and exercise with your child. It’s fun and gets the day moving.

The most important tip for life – have fun and laugh! You can have fun doing almost every minute of the day. Change the mindset and enjoy your life!

Open your Mind

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Thought for the Day


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Thought for the Day

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Thought for the Day

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Thought for the Day

A few minutes of inspirtation

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Inner Peace Exercise

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Do you long for inner peace and balance in your life? What would your life look like if you could achieve a feeling of balance?create inner peace
If you took five minutes for yourself everyday, just for you, what would your life look like?
It’s just five minutes.
When in your day can you find five minutes for yourself?
Maybe with your morning coffee?
Maybe when you wake up?
Or even before you go to sleep?
It’s just five minutes.
I will outline a great tool to use to find these five minutes in my post tomorrow, but for now think about where you can find five minutes for yourself.
Begin this five minute exercise by sitting somewhere that you are comfortable. There isn’t a need for a special place, it could be in your kitchen, at your desk, in your living room….the place isn’t important.
Step One: take a deep breath and let it out. Then listen to your breathing…breath in, breath out. Repeat this three times.
Step Two: Think of someone that you love. Think of all of the wonderful things that this person brings into your life. See the face. See the smile. Breath. Enjoy the gift that this person brings into you life. Be thankful. Think of what you would thank this person for.
Step three: Slowly open you eyes. Take a deep breath, let it out.
It’s that easy.
Repeat this everyday for five days and see how peaceful you are when you open your eyes.
Have a wonderful day!

Begin Your Day with A New Thought

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Begin your day with this new thought. Repeat throughout the day. Watch what happens.

Have a wonderful day!