We are always so busy with our daily tasks that we rarely listen to what is happening around us. We tend to hear what’s going on, but don’t really listen. Try to think – when was the last time that you took a moment to just listen to what is going on around you?  When was the last time that you really listened to what the other person was saying?

To really listen, we need to be in a state of listening. Now you may say that you listen all the time. But take a minute and think about that – when the other person was talking, were your thoughts going to “I felt like that too”? The moment that we do that, we stop listening. Our minds are already busy with the experience that we went through. This is natural and what connects us to others.

I want to suggest that every now and then, you really listen to the experience that the person talking to you is experiencing. It is such a different experience! It’s enlightening.

I invite you to try this every now and then. There is so much to learn!!!


Remember when you were in elelmentary school and the teacher would say to one of the parents “he just isn’t living up to his/her potential”? I could never figure out if this was a compliment or not. On the one hand, having potential is a wonderful thing, on the other, what could stop someone from living up to their potenial?

Potential is in everyone. Potential is an everexisting energy with wonderous colors. Each of us has our own special colors and each color appears at differnt times in our lives. Potential exists in you.