Small Changes Big Impact

Our lives are largely the logical result of our habits. By making small, intentional changes in your thoughts, words, and actions, the quality of your life can change dramatically. Are you frustrated with your life and intimidated by the changes you might have to make?


There are many quick and easy things anyone can do have a more fulfilling and successful life.


Small changes have many advantages:

  1. They’re much less intimidating to implement. If you’ve ever thought about completely changing your diet or adding any other huge commitment to your life, you know how challenging it can be to overcome the enormous mental hurdles that come along with your decision.


  • For example, many of us are dehydrated without even knowing it. How difficult is it to drink a glass of water each morning? That’s the kind of change anyone can easily put into practice.

  1. Small changes slip under your radar. Our brains are hardwired to resist change. After all, whatever we’ve been doing has kept us alive thus far. Small changes are less likely to trigger the brain’s defense mechanisms. Meditating for 1 minute won’t stir up any anxiety, whereas a 2-hour session probably will.

  1. It’s easy to keep getting better. If you do 2 pushups a day this week, you can probably do 3 next week, and 4 the week after. If you kill yourself and can muster up 100 pushups per day this week, how many more can you really expect to do next week?


  • We’re all addicted to progress. Starting small permits progress to be realized and enjoyed each week.


  1. Small changes require little time. It can be difficult to find an extra hour each day, but anyone can find 5 minutes here and there.


  • The less a new action disrupts your current routine, the more likely you are to keep it up.


Small changes are effective, fun, and easy to do. It’s unnecessary to take drastic steps to move your life in a positive direction.


Check out some tips to increase the likelihood of success:


  1. Be patient. Small actions can result in enormous changes, but it can take time to reap the rewards. One push-up per day isn’t likely to do much, but it does make it easier to do 2 pushups in the future. Once you’re doing 10 or more, you’ll likely start to see results.


  • Fortunately, it’s much easier to be patient when you’re doing so little. Frustration tends to set in more when you’re working too hard.


  1. Start small. You’ll know you’re starting small enough when you you’re able to complete the action without any mental resistance. Add a little each week until you’re performing at a level that’s effective.
  2. Only add a few actions at a time. It might be tempting to add 20 new things to your life, but that has the same disadvantages as adding a larger action. You’ll probably feel overwhelmed and be unable to stick with it long enough to see any results.

  3. Consistency is the key. Eating perfectly for a day will do nothing for your waistline. Eating pretty nutritiously for months will have a huge effect.
  4. Strive for progress, rather than perfection. Extraordinary results can come from ordinary actions. The key is regular advancement. You’ll enhance your results as you make small, positive changes. Perfection is unnecessary!


Adding quick and easy actions into your life can have incredible results. You’ll progress easily with a minimal amount of time and effort. Patience is important in some cases, but you can do it.