You Are Beautiful

Good day to you!

We believe so many things and want to achieve more in our lives.¬†Yet we wait. What would happen if you began each day with the thought “I am beautiful!”?

Our minds become used to new thoughts if we practice. That is what Life Coaching is all about.

One new thought for today.

What new thought would you like to begin with?

I would like to suggest this thought

“I am beautiful”.

Think about that one thought: “I am beautiful!” . Your mind will go directly to its’ comfort zone and react with reasons this isn’t true. It is really quite amusing when you understand the pattern. “I am beautiful!”. Your mind may respond with “I would be beautiful if….I lost weight, if I took care of myself, if, if, and if”.

“I am beautiful!”

Repeat it. Say it out loud as you look in the mirror. Repeat it.

What can you do for yourself today?

Know that you are beautiful. Be beautiful on the inside, and your beauty will shine through. As soon as you believe it, you will shine.

I would like to share a story with you: The Lady and the Hat:

Maria was an average woman who lived an average life. She lived with her mother and worked as a secretary in a large company. Every day she would wake up, make breakfast for her mother and herself, get ready for work, and then would walk 10 blocks to work. There she would quietly enter the door, nod at the doorman and make her way to her office. She would quietly smile at her boss, do her work and at the end of the day would make her way home. Maria was a quiet woman. She had no expectations.

One day, during her lunch break, she saw a new store and for some unexplainable reason, entered. There were only a few customers in the store including a mother and her young daughter.

Maria looked around and saw a beautiful hat. She tried it on and the young girl said “You look beautiful!” Her mother turned around and exclaimed “You look gorgeous! You have to buy that hat!”

Maria was surprised because no one had ever said that she was beautiful. On the spur of the moment, Maria decided to buy the hat.

She left the store and noticed that when she passed by the coffee house on the way back to the office, people smiled at her. The waiter, who knew her from her daily lunch break commented “Maria, you look wonderful today!”

Maria was very pleased and made her way back to the office. When she entered the building the doorman opened the door and said “Looking good today Maria!” She was so pleased and as she walked towards her office, everyone smiled at her and greeted her.

She was so pleased and was happy that she had purchased the hat.

At the end of the day, Maria made her way home and noticed that everyone was smiling. She was very excited to tell her mother about what happened when she put on the hat. Maria opened the door and told her mother about the wonders of the special hat and the amazing change that it made in her day.

Her mother was perplexed. “What hat are you talking about?” she asked. Maria put her hand on her head and was horrified – the hat must have fallen off! Retracing her steps in her mind, Maria couldn’t understand what had happened to the hat.

Just then the phone rang. Maria picked up the phone. On the other end of the line was the saleswoman whom she had purchased the hat from “I am so glad that you left your phone number” the saleswoman said “You left your hat at the store and I wanted to make sure that you would come to pick it up”.

Maria had always been beautiful.

When she believed that she was, she shined from within.

Remember, one new thought can change your life.

“I am beautiful!”

Say and repeat

Have a wonderful day,







Leaving Negativity Behind

Good day!

Actually every day can be a good day if you choose it to be. This statement may seem unrealistic, but it is very true. You have all heard of the “half full or half empty cup” theory. Many think that you need to have certain traits to be optimistic, but you don’t.

It is all a matter of choice.11817253_856693424415131_1754500481510010281_n

I would like to offer a few tips during the next few posts.

The first is surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. These people will be your motivators and your best cheerleaders.

More tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day,



The Gift of Listening



How well do you listen to the person who is talking to you?

Do you really hear them or does your mind wander during the conversation?

This is very common, especially when listening to people that we are close to. You may think that this is untrue, but in reality we listen and relate what is being said in comparison to our own experience and in doing so, we aren’t completely present. We become busy with our own experiences.

It is a wonderful feeling to have someone listen to you completely, not only hear your words, but hear the message that you are relaying, and understand you, through your perspective.

Giving this gift to others gives us this same wonderful feeling.

Listen. Really listen.

When you sit down with your significant other, your friend, your family member, take five minutes to really listen. You will be surprised at what you have missed until now, what messages are being relayed, what feelings really exist beneath the surface.

Give someone the gift of listening today!