Remember to Dream

As children, we had endless dreams of how our future would look. Some of us had dreams of becoming astronauts, some of us had dreams of becoming physicians, others pictured themselves of becoming famous actors or the lead singers in a band. Whatever the dream, we were able to day dream and change the dreams as we went along. What a wonderful feeling that was, to take a walk and just day dream. There was such a feeling of the world waiting, just for us.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped dreaming and stopped believing in the endless possiblilties that life has to offer.

At what age did you stop dreaming? At what age did you give up on your dreams?

We can become overwhelmed by the daily tasks of life – our families, our jobs,our relationships, our responsibilities – yet all are connected to our original dreams from childhood.  Somewhere inside of each of us these dreams still exist, but in a different form. As in childhood, our dreams change and develop as we are faced with the different challenges of life. challenges. I invite you to be at one with your dreams.

So close your eyes for a minute, take a few cleansing breaths, and picture your dream. Be in that moment. Open your eyes and write down your dream for today on a small piece of paper. Take this with you throughout the day. Look at the note during lunch, and put it on your bedside table and look at the note before you fall asleep. Look at the note the first thing in the morning, take a cleansing breath, close your eyes and picture your dream.

Always, remember to dream.

Remembering to dream is a wonderful gift that only you can give to yourself.

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