Why Me? The 1st Stage of Change

Why Me? The 1st Stage of Change

We all tend to be resistant to change. Humans are often creatures of habit and the idea of change is alarming. It’s time to change the way you think about the changes that happen, because they can come when you least expect them. Acceptance is the first stage of change, and here are three tips to deal.

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Allow Yourself to Grieve

Change doesn’t seem good at first. In fact, it can be painful and a sad time. Give yourself chance to grieve, especially if someone has passed away or left your life. Grieving gives you some time to adapt your mindset. Allowing yourself to grieve also means that you have time to let out your anger, sadness, and disappointment. You get rid of the negative feelings by releasing them. You have the chance to start looking at some of the positives that can happen, which is the next tip.

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Don’t Focus on the Negatives

It’s very easy to look at all the things you’ll miss out on or just miss when change happens. As humans we try to hold onto what we’re comfortable with and the negative elements help us resist the change. It’s time to start looking at the positives. Find ways that you could like the change and see how others have adapted and benefited. You’ll start to forget the negatives and open yourself up to acceptance.

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Find Support from Others

You’re not the only person going through change. That doesn’t make it any easier to handle, but the support can. Find others who will be able to help you focus on positives and people who will listen to your initially venting and your grieving. People can then support you to take the next steps forward.

Open yourself up to acceptance and you will find change easier. You are allowed to grieve, but you want to focus on positives at the same time.

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