cropped-Karel-Glazer-pic.jpgEducating for change inspires new transitions in thoughts and changing paradigms. Many want change yet feel afraid to make changes in their lives.

Change is Opportunity!

How can we instill this simple thought?

LifeMasters strives to install simple and effective processes for individuals, groups, and organizations to achieve change.

The core strategy is to lead individuals, groups and organizations to achieve real breakthroughs focused on innovative thinking, developing problem solving skills while simultaneously educating for change.

Each coaching program is individually tailored to specific clients so that we can design an approach that produced quick results.

Using interactive and creative tools to achieve results based on unique strategies, philosophy and methodologies from Master the Change ©:

  • Recognition: recognizing the need for change
  • Definition: defining the change needed in exact and measurable form
  • Discovery: common values and directions
  • Declaration: developing strategies to move forward
  • Breaking the chain: changing paradigms to instill innovative thinking
  • Design: design through connecting values, directions and strategies
  • Masterpiece: declaration of the results of the process.

The process uses many diverse tools, including communication skills through activities that challenge the mind, wheels of change to development of goals and visions for better understanding of each individual and group through dynamic interactions.

The programs are oriented to build valid experiences of their individual values and goals and integration into the group realizing the value of each individual is unique and valuable recognizing that each individual would like to be recognized in their uniqueness.

My name is Karel Glazer and I established LifeMasters to lead the process of change. I help others to deal with the challenges of change and conflicts withing their lives.

I am a Licensed Life Coach, is a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), The International Association  of Professional Life Coaches and The Israeli Coaching Council and International Association of Facilitators.

I have vast experience in working with people of all ages through coaching, seminars and project development. and specialize in working with clients who are dealing with change and/crisis in their lives and also work with guided imagery.

Born and raised in the US and I presently live in Israel.  My origins allow me to understand the challenges of cultural differences faced by individuals and organizations and so lead processes to better communication and understanding of the challenges for each.

So join us today and contact Inspire to begin to improve your life today!

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