Motivation: The 2nd Stage of Change

Stage 2 of change: Motivation

There is no question that change can be a very scary word for a lot of people. We all experience changes in life at some point and these changes can make us feel a bit worried and anxious, but the truth is that change is a great thing and we only need to see the opportunity that lies beyond the change itself. This is the outcome in most cases when you have the right kind of motivation to go with it. Today we are going to talk about the importance of being motivated when you are experiencing change in your life.

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A simple scenario…

There is no better way to explain the process of change than to think about the moment when we leave our parents’ home in search of our own lives. This is probably the first serious scary encounter with change in a very radical way. You start to think about the many things that you will no longer have and the uncertainty of having to fend for yourself.

This can be a very scary proposition, but it’s one that we all have to experience at some point. People who leave the nest successfully are the ones that have something driving them and motivating them to succeed in life. This is the reason why many people transition from their parents’ home to the college experience because there is motivation involved. They know that getting their degree is essential in order to be able to find a good job and this motivated them.

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Other important changes…

The moment when we decide to quit a job to begin our own business is another important moment of change in life. In this case, your motivation needs to be the need to do better and realize your goals. It may include the desire to stop working just for a paycheck and become your own boss. This kind of change is motivating in itself – you understand your goal and you set up your own business. There are many challenges along the way and at times it is challenging to handle the uncertainty. Be motivated to succeed by focusing on your goals and you will be able to handle the uncertainty without feeling too much pressure. Keep your eye on the goal.

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Motivation is always the key…

It doesn’t matter how difficult any change in your life might feel. If you can maintain the right level of motivation, you are not going to have to worry about being able to move forward and handle the transition that comes with that change.

We all experience change in life and we can meet any change with the understanding that change is opportunity.

Let motivation be your main force in life. The road may be full of bumps and detours, but the motivation you bring with you is always going to allow you continue to move forward regardless of the obstacles that you have to face.

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