The Man Who Cleans the Streets

Every man has a story.

Often I find myself watching people and wondering what their story is.

 It is so easy to judge people by the way they look or by the job that they do.  I try not to and find this a big challenge because we all have our personal belief systems that work automatically.

Today, as on many days, I saw the man who cleans the streets next to my office. Every morning when I arrive at work, he is there with his broom and bucket sweeping the garbage and wonder what his life is like. Every morning he says “Good morning” as I walk by. I always wish him a good day.

Every man has a story.

Maybe he has a family. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he used to have a job in an office, maybe he came from another country and is trying to make ends meet. Maybe he forgot his dreams. Or maybe he likes the fresh air and the freedom to walk around.

Every many has a story.


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