I have a friend…

I am blessed with friends. When I think of the gifts that I have been given, friendship is always on the top of my list. It is not the number of friends that a person has, but the quality of the relationship.

Over the years, we may come to believe that the friendships that we have made are the only friends we will have. If we believe this, then this will be our reality. If we open our eyes to other possibilities, we are are able to see that there are so many friendships  waiting for us.

I have amazing friends, each so special in the gift that they bring into my life. I have friends that are so close that they have become my sisters and brothers. We can argue like siblings and know that they will always love mefor who I am, despite our faults.

I have friends that are there in times of joy, in times of fun. I have friends that the realationship is built on fun, but not deep friendships. I value these friendships as well.

I have friends that I talk to once a year, and love them for the oy that they bring me.

I have new friends. Each time I am surprised by the connections that we can make with each other at any age, at any time, anywhere.

We just need to be open to the possibility. This is the key for everything.

I have a friend who loves the to walk on the beach as much as I do. We have only walked on the beach together once and there was no need for words. We just walked. Every time I talk to her and she is on the beach, I know that she remembers how much I love the beach. No words are needed.

I invite you to open yourself to the that the world has to offer.

The world is full of friends.

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