The “Someday I will have time” Sydrome

Change is possible for anyone, anywhere at any time. We often wait until it is just the right time.waiting

We were taught that there is a right time for everything. – NOT SO- we don’t have to wait to make a change in our lives – we can start today. With one small step, we can create change in any moment that we choose.

We say “someday I will have the time and then I will….” We wait. It can be frustrating and yet it is easier to complain than to really make the effort it takes to see the possibilities. think of one small thing that you would like to do that would take 5 minutes that you can’t seem to find the time to do.

Write it down. Remember, when you write something down, you can’t argue with yourself!

I have a simple task for you:

Make a list of all of the things that you do during the day.

Simple enough. For example, wake up and shower, get dressed, wake the children, make breakfast, help the family to get ready for their day, drive to work…etc. It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but should take about fiveminutes to complete the task.

Next, write down the number of minutes that each task takes. Calculate how many minutes it takes for all of your day.  Divide by 60 and see how many hours you are busy with your daily schedule.

How much time is left?

Have you found 5 minutes extra? It’s always surprising when we see how we can reorganize our time.

Schedule these five minutes! Do this everyday for 5 days.

Someday is today.

Go from being reactive to proactive, go from waiting for the best time, to beginning today using a unique method to turn on your “ON” button. 

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