“He makes me so angry!” I am sure that you have moments that someone in your life makes you so angry that you want to scream.

I would like to give you a tip for these situations – first of all, take a deep breath and then another. Think what it is that that person did or said that made you so angry. Try to identify the trait that really make you angry.

This person has come to teach you an important lesson. So, first of all, thank this person in your mind, even before you really understand what it is that they have done to make you so angry.

Once you have identified the trait or the characteristic, take a few moments and reflect – what do I have in me that is similar?

This is called reflecting. At first, it is our nature to say that there is nothing about that person that is similar to us. Give yourself time, think about it. If, for example, you are angry with your boss for needed to be in control of everything, ask yourself where in your life do you need to be in control. Now think of a few examples where this is true.

This is when the magic starts to work: when we see in ourselves these traits and characteristics, this opens an understanding for the other person. We see what it is that really bothers us: it is not the person who made you so angry, it is the fact that we recognize traits in our self that we would like to change.

So take a deep breath. Thank this person for this important lesson. The next time you encounter a similar situation, smile inward – there is a lesson to be learned today.

Have a great day,


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